Microwave Repair Centre in Delhi NCR

Dhawan Electronic provides the comprehensive microwave repair centre for all type of microwave brands in our centre. Microwave Repair Center in Delhi NCR is provided by the experienced technicians who are well qualified to open the microwave of all brands and repair within the stipulated time. All type of minor or major repair is conducted by our highly experienced technicians.

The Microwave Repair Centre in Delhi NCR provides repairs services for solo grill and convection microwaves. The solo microwave is the basic model. It has the only magnetron inside to generate microwave for heating and boiling. It is not used for baking and roasting purposes. The grill microwave oven is used for grilling as it has heating coils. When the microwave is used for grilling the microwave function is off. The heating coils are used for grilling and roasting purposes. In the convection microwave the user can use microwave and coils for grilling and heaters with the blow to bake the food. The temperature is controlled by the cavity temperature.

Microwave Repair Centre

Dhawan Electronic have the experts to repair each type of microwave. Each expert has years of experience in the repair and maintenance of all three types of microwaves.Microwave Repair Centre in Delhi NCR is provided on any brand of microwave within 24 hours. Our technical infrastructure and skill of technicians help us to provide the best repair services on the cost-effective basis. After years of experience in the same type of microwave our technicians take little time to detect the problem. As a business policy we use authentic spare parts in the repair. We ensure that the spare parts used are from the same brand. If that is not possible then we use the best spare part that is used as the substitute for repair in the leading repair centres. Before the start of the repair we provide the estimated time of repair to the client and finish the repair within the stipulated time mentioned to the client. Only small numbers of cases take 24 hours most of the repairs are done within few hours. In a large number of repair cases the hand to hand delivery is provided to the client.