Led Repair Centre in Delhi NCR

We provide professional repair services for the LED televisions of all leading brands available in the market. The services are provided by the highly experienced technicians on the cost-effective basis. We ensure that only competent and trained mechanics are employed to tackle the major and minor repair issues. All repair issues are tackled within the 24 hours duration.

We provide a guarantee to the repair work to the client, which no unauthorized service centre gives. We also ensure delivery before the deadline to the client. Every repair services are done within the estimated time that we provide to the client. In all repairs at LED repair Centre in Delhi NCR only quality parts are used, which are sourced from the leading brands. Before the start of the repair we provide a free quote and complete the repair within the quote without additional charges. Our repair services are provided without any hidden charge and we provide estimated repair time to the client. Clients can get the LED television of Sony, Sansui, Micromax, Samsung, LG, Videocon, Toshiba and other such leading brands repaired from our repair centre.

LED Repair Center

Our specialist team has a deep knowledge of the latest tools and technologies that are used in the LED televisions these days. The large team of mechanics at our centre help us to deliver hand to hand repaired set to clients. Since our technicians are working on the same brands through their career they detect a problem within few minutes and begin the repair work. We monitor the time of the registration of the repair work by client and start of the repair work by our technicians. This helps us to deliver the television after repair in the shortest possible time. We also have further divided our technicians team into sub-teams to handle the specific repair work. The client must understand that LED televisions are a delicate piece of technology and they need the experts who know the technology well. The experts ensure the proper care and repair of the LED technology. Clients can also contact us online and describe the issues with our customer team. We also arrange the home visit for repair and the home delivery of the television after repair.