LCD Repairing Centre In Delhi

We provide LCD television repair done by highly experienced technicians. Our centre is fitted with the latest tools and instruments to provide the repair to any brand of LCD television. The experience and skill of our technicians help our clients to get the television repaired in the shortest possible time. We have created the repair schedule in such a way that a client does not have to wait in getting the complaint registered at our repair centre.

The LCD repairing centre in Delhi handles all major or minor repair issues such as no picture or sound on the television set, lack of sound, picture, front led flashing, power button not working, power button on but no sound or picture on the screen, power cycle of television on and off, television turns off after warming up television shutting down with bringing picture no power coming in the television from the electric switch point, vertically picture display picture too high or low and intermittent tripping etc are tackled by us. We handle repair issues of Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Philips, Mitsubishi, SANYO, Micromax, Videocon, Hitachi, Haier, Sansui, BPL brands to name just a few. We are the only repair centre for all brand of television which provides the estimated time of repair to the client and delivers the television after proper repair before the deadline.

LCD Repairing Center

Our experience helps us to detect the problem immediately and start the repair without keeping the client waiting for long. Our large workforce helps us to deliver the television sets after minor repairs immediately. Only major repairs take few hours from us. We have the strict policy under which we use only genuine spare parts, which are made by the leading television brands themselves. After the repair our engineers do the final checking before delivering the television to the client. Since television technology is changing fast we also conduct workshops to help our technicians become familiar with new technology and handle any issues involving the sophisticated television sets. Apart from technical skill we also lay emphasis on the soft skill of our technicians, which helps them to politely deal with clients and handle queries.